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Timesegment Limited is one of the leading suppliers of mechanical railway signalling equipment to the UK market.

Our products are mainly railway signal castings, using original casting patterns from the Reading Signal Works of The Great Western Railway. The casting patterns along with the associated manufacturing rights were purchased directly from British Rail at the closure of the Reading Signal Works. The copyright in the manufacture of the parts made from these patterns, and associated fittings now rests with Timesegment Limited. We have since obtained patterns from Leyton Works of the London and North Eastern Railway. Parts that can be supplied date from Timber post signals through to Colour light signalling equipment of the 1960s. New patterns have been manufactured for Tyers Token Equipment, an on going project in connection with Network Rails life extension programme for token machines. This includes the overhaul of Token Transfer Magazines.

Though principally GWR, and LNER some LMS, BR standard and various contractor such as Tyers, Railway Signal Company, Saxby and Farmer, McKenzie & Holland, Sykes and Westinghouse parts are available. Specials can also be undertaken, aided by our extensive railway signalling drawing library featuring the many contractors drawings.

The equipment supplied is acceptable for use on Network Rail Infrastructure.
The Company holds product approval certificates to that effect.

Our Original Drilling jigs allow the construction of various machined parts principally pins.

LMS parts include spectacle plates and economical facing point locks.

BR Standard parts are parts from the BRS-SM series, a few parts compatible with the former British Transport Commission series are available.

Some contractor parts such as Saxby and Farmer frame parts are available, and some spares for Tyers Token Machines and Locks. Tyers No.9 Token Instruments are in the main identical to the GWR machines so consult the GWR sections for spares for these machines.

Many Spring sets are available for many items. A small stock of electrical contacts is also held.

For detailed information, please email acrafer@timesegment.com with the details of your requirements,
or write to Timesegment Limited 155 Upham Road Swindon, SN3 1DR.

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